How to Connect a Microphone to the Sony a6000 (2 Ways)

Looking to get into shooting video with your Sony a6000 but are disappointed with the microphone quality? Noticed that there isn’t actually a mic jack and now you’re wondering how to actually connect a microphone to the camera?

In this quick and concise post, we’ll go over two ways (easy and complicated) to connect an external microphone to your a6000.

Let’s dive into it!

sony a6000 with microphone
There are two ways to get better audio on your a6k.

The Easy Way

The most simple way to improve the audio on your a6k is to purchase an on-camera mic.

However, the Sony a6000 doesn’t feature a microphone port, so you’re stuck with the company’s single OEM option (and no, there is no such thing as a “microphone adapter” for the a6000).

The Sony ECM-GZ1M is a shotgun microphone that mounts onto the hotshoe.

Consider also picking up a “deadcat” (wind filter) such as this one from Amazon.

This hotshoe mic is much better than the integrated microphone, but still isn’t flawless.

Still, picking up the ECM-GZ1M is the best way to easily level up your audio game.

Plug-and-Play Mic
Although this microphone doesn't offer absolute top tier audio quality, it's an easy and quick plug-and-play method. Highly recommended if you just want to get started with audio recording.

Don’t forget to purchase a wind filter!

The Hard Way

Although the Sony a6000 doesn’t have a microphone port, there’s another (complicated) way you can get external audio that doesn’t involve the OEM Sony microphone.

It’s worth noting that this method involves recording audio separately from the camera, meaning you’ll have to combine the audio and video recording in post processing.

This can be a bit more of a pain but is worth it if you’re looking for the absolute best audio possible.

Using Your Phone

This method involves attaching an external microphone to your smartphone.

What You’ll Need

For this, you’ll need some sort of recording app on your phone. I use Google’s Recorder app on my Pixel and I believe Apple has a built-in Voice Memos app for iPhone.

Then, you’ll need to pick up a hot shoe mount for your phone.

Next, you’ll need to pick up an external microphone.

I’d suggest grabbing the Movo VXR10 as it’s a great blend of price and performance. If you’re looking to cheap out, though, I’ve had good luck with budget lavalier mics.

Connecting Everything

Next, you’ll need to mount the microphone.

The hot shoe mount that I linked previously has a “cold” shoe on the top, allowing the microphone to slot right into place.

After that, simply plug it (the mic) into your smartphone.

Sync Audio in Post

From there, you can record (high quality) audio right to your phone and then splice it together with the footage in editing.

Personally, this is the method I use, although it can be cumbersome. Luckily, a lot of editing software (I use Davinci) has an audio syncing feature.

If you’d like to learn, there are plenty of tutorials out there. Here’s one on syncing audio in Davinci and here is one for syncing audio in Premiere.

To recap, here’s the list of things you’ll need for the “hard” method of audio recording.

Aux Microphone
Movo VXR10
A simple yet strong microphone that slides right into a hot shoe.
Mounting Your Phone to the Camera
Generic Hot Shoe Phone Mount
The hot shoe mount slides onto the camera's hot shoe and allows you to mount both your phone (in the middle) and the microphone (on the top).

Hopefully this helped you figure out how to get better audio out of your Sony a6000.

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