Guide to Sony a6000 Metering Modes

Metering is the term used for when a camera determines the correct exposure settings automatically. There are a few different ways the Sony a6000 is able to meter a scene.

In this quick and concise guide, we’ll go over every option in the “metering modes” category on your Sony a6000 to explain what they are and how to use them.

Let’s dive in!

location of metering mode on sony a6000

Where to find the metering mode setting?

To find the focus mode setting, you just have to hit the little Fn key on the back of your camera.

By default, the second option on the bottom row should be your metering mode setting.

Simply push in the middle of the joystick/dial to open it up. Now let’s jump into the specific modes.

Multi Mode

The “multi” metering mode looks at the entire scene and attempts to get an even exposure for the entire frame.

This is the most commonly used mode not only on the Sony a6000, but on pretty much all cameras.

There’s a lot of computation and computer magic that goes into this mode, and it’s generally highly reliable and the one I use most.

camera on beach
Multi metering mode is able to (usually) capture evenly-lit images.

Center Mode

The “center” metering mode looks at the entire frame but tries to give a bit more priority to the center.

While performance is oftentimes similar to “multi” metering mode, it’s not perfect as, again, it prioritizes subjects in the center of the frame.

This mode is generally similar to “multi” metering, but overall less reliable. It does have some niche uses though such as for portraiture.

camera on beach again
Center metering mode exposes for the frame with emphasis on the center. Notice how it’s slightly overexposed.

Spot Mode

The next mode is “spot” metering. This mode measures only the central area of the frame and ignores everything else.

As a result, images are often improperly exposed, leaving the edges of the frame either under or overexposed.

With that being said, this is a great mode to use when trying to shoot backlit subjects or other scenes with strong lighting contrast.

camera on beach yet again
Spot metering mode exposes for the center. Notice how it tried to expose for the black lens, thus overexposing everything else.

Hopefully this helped you understand the metering modes on your Sony a6000 a bit better.

Remember, however, that shooting in manual mode is always the best way to guaranty perfect exposure. 🙂

If you’d like to read more guides on the a6000, scroll down a bit to our master list of guides. Thanks for reading!

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