Best SD Card for Sony a6000

The SD card, also called a memory card, is one of the most important “accessories” for any digital camera, and the Sony a6000 is no exception. It is, after all, the piece of hardware that all your photos and videos are saved on.

In this article we’ll briefly touch on a few memory cards for Sony a6000 cameras along with a discussion on whether or not there really is a “best” option when it comes to SD cards.

The Basics

What is UHS-I vs UHS-II?

If you’ve done any sort of memory card shopping, you’ve probably seen the label “UHS-I” or “UHS-II” on most product listings. The biggest difference is that UHS-II cards are, technically, supposed to be faster. So does it actually matter?

For the Sony a6000, no. It doesn’t take UHS-II cards, thus there’s no point paying extra for one. Just stick to anything labeled UHS-I and save a bit of money.

What is SDXC vs SDHC?

A memory card classed as SDHC stands for “high capacity” which allows storage up to 32gb of data. SDXC, on the other hand, stands for “extended capacity” allowing up to 2000gb of data. That’s a huge difference.

So does it matter which type you choose? To a degree, yes. If you have any interest in video, it should be noted that an SDXC card is needed for the Sony a6000’s new XAVC video format.

To put it simply, if you don’t shoot video and don’t need a ton of space, an SDHC card is fine. If you shoot video or simply want a huge amount of memory, an SDXC card is a better choice.

So is there really a “best” card?

There isn’t necessarily a “best” card as a lot of it comes down to personal preference and individual needs, as I touched on in the previous section. Speed matters but most cards are blazing fast either way.

With that being said, I’m a firm believer that you should just get the best memory card you can get as they’re quite affordable anyways. I’ve personally used a Sandisk Extreme Pro 128gb (Adorama link here) since I bought my camera many years ago, and it’s been bulletproof, fast, and has never given my any issues. The 128gb is incredibly overkill as I usually offload my pictures onto my PC after every shoot, but like I said, why not get the best?

In addition, I always keep a backup card in my bag in case I forget my main one at home (it’s happened a lot over the years). The secondary card I use is a much smaller Sandisk Extreme Pro 32gb. It’s an “SDHC” card so it can’t record the higher quality video codec, but that’s not a concern to me as I rarely shoot video anyways.

Hopefully this helped you decide on which card you want to pick up. Like I said, it really doesn’t really matter that much, but my two personal favorites were the ones I listed above. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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