About Me

Hey folks! I’m Chance, the sole owner and writer on this website. If you want a deeper look into my photography story, check out this article. If you want to see some of my best photos, check out my Sony a6000 review. This “about me” page will just be a brief summary.

In any case, I’ve been practicing photography for about seven years, and have owned Sony products for about four years. At this point, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of knowledge of both the Sony ecosystem and just the overall creative pursuit of photography.

I started this site for two reasons. First, I wanted to share my knowledge of photography and immortalize a bit of my photography journey. On this site you’ll find plenty of gear reviews along with easy to understand advice/guides on all sorts of subjects, but with a lot of focus on the a6000 lineup.

My second reason, to be completely honest, was for money. A few years ago, I shot professionally for some time. I was grateful for the opportunity and made some solid cash, but I found shooting for clients to be incredibly exhausting.

This website allows me to still share my passion and provide value to the world through my photography knowledge without having to actively take on clients. If you click on my ads and/or affiliate links, thank you for supporting me!

Anywho, that’s who I am. Thanks for stumbling upon my little slice of the internet, I hope you enjoy your time here and end up leaving with some sort of newfound knowledge. 🙂

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